Optimizing your fuel business to the last drop!

What is

FuelPrime, entirely designed and produced by AIUT, is intended for fuel stock management at petrol stations.

It is a system that gives you the full control of the fuel flow: from the refinery to the end customer. With this one smart solution you can easily increase business profitability and reduce both fuel losses and operational risk. All that for your convenience.

What are the real advantages of the FuelPrime system?

Your station may be affected to undetected leakage, theft, overdispensing or short deliveries. FuelPrime gives you a peace of mind that your business will be safe and environmentally friendly and you will not suffer financial implications.




Operational model

What is the basis of our success? We attach the high importance to building a knowledge base and responsible escalations. Our experts are the key element of the service and closely cooperate with our clients.









building knowledge base for better efficiency

quick escalation in case of discrepancies

responsibility for escalations

analysis by high skilled experts

advices and recommendations

constant improvements

preventive and reactive actions

significant financial benefits resulting from the system usage

real-time data from stations: volume, temperature, sales, delivery data

state-of-the-art algorithms

real-time wet stock reconciliation


The way we do it



Super quick leak detection just after a few hours, based on real-time data

Super small amount detected. Great level of accuracy

Certified SIR3 leak detection at the level of 5 liters/24h makes the FuelPrime

The Most Accurate Reconciliation System in the World


Exact delivery loss identification: factors, causes, real values

Confirmed exemplary benefits:

delivery loss

6500$ loss reduction in 1 month at 10 stations


Precise overdispensing identification and sales system control

Confirmed exemplary benefits:

loss on sales

2000$ in 1 month at 1 station

3 months to fully benefit from the FuelPrime system

The FuelPrime system is completely operational after 3 months from the decision of investment and will return to you fully in the next 3 months.

Decision of investment

System implementation

Real savings

Support always at hand

Local support – always available and quick to help

Maximum protection 24/7

System maintenance responsibility

On-line data access

& reliable devices

FuelPrime Portal – web application

Dedicated BI reports

Smart IoT sensors and data gateways


About us

For over 25 years, AIUT has been providing superior engineering services in the fields of automation, robotics, IoT solutions and IT systems. We have already implemented over 1500 projects in 45 countries and are one of the most innovative companies in Polish market. We follow Industry 4.0 trends by combining our knowledge with experience in designing and developing new solutions based on hi-tech technologies like Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We have highly qualified staff of more than 450 engineers in automation, electronics, electrical, IT, mechanics and robotics.

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